I found two KB articles on Bitlocker. Before reading the articles, I had tried performing a back up of all partitions from boot media to restore to a new disk. This failed, since cloning a bitlocker encrypted drive is not supported using boot media. I haven't tried for a while (over a year). I think I was using 2013 at the time.
How to encrypt your drives with BitLocker Drive Encryption on Windows Server 2012 R2. This website uses third party cookies for its comment system and statistical purposes. You can get more information or disable the cookies from our Cookie Policy .

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2. Then click on "Sign-in Options". Fingerprint and PIN are no longer greyed out. If it's still greyed out, then make sure "convenience PIN sign-in" is enabled. 3. Add the PIN, then the Fingerprint. 4. Go back to "Access Work or School" in Settings -> Accounts. 5. Click Connect and Enter the user's email address and password.
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Jul 29, 2015 · Windows cannot boot from a USB connected drive. This is a restriction imposed by Windows. If you clone your system disk to a USB connected external drive then, to boot your clone, the physical disk must be removed from the USB caddy and attached to your Motherboard SATA port.
Jan 22, 2016 · since we've long saturated SATA6Gb, manufacturers need to take a page from intel's book with the DC (s3700, s3710 and all below) series so you don't HAVE to over-provision. advertising 1TB but only really 750GB is usable if you want the advertised performance, is ridiculous.

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The BitLocker Drive Encryption dialog box will automatically pop-up. Enter your password, and click Unlock. Choose Open folder to view files. Start using your drive. Manage an encrypted external drive. Important: BitLocker To Go is NOT an additional application you need to install. It is how BitLocker is referred to when used on an external ...

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Apr 16, 2019 · Method 1: Install BitLocker Recovery Password Viewer Using Server Manager. Open Server Manager and click on “Add roles and features“. Click Next through the wizard until you get to the Server Roles page. Make sure “Active Directory Domain Services” is checked. In the Features page, check the “BitLocker Drive Encryption” feature.
Dec 16, 2019 · Updated 7/9/20 - This is now resolved! We’ve discovered an issue with the BitLocker Key rotation feature in Intune on recently updated Windows 10 devices. When you configure a Windows 10 device version 1909 to support rotation of the BitLocker recovery key, you can select that particular device in...

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No joy. Both laptops exhibit the same behaviour, and seem to pick and choose at random when they prompt for the BitLocker Recovery Key whether reboot, cold boot, on battery or power adapter. Under BIOS -> Advanced -> Boot Options: ~ UEFI Boot Order is checked (But greyed out) ~ Legacy Boot Order is checked (But greyed out)

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BitLocker is a tool included in Windows 10 (Pro and Enterprise), Windows 7 (Enterprise and Ultimate), and Windows 8.1 (Pro and Enterprise) that can be used to encrypt data on any drive. By default, you must have a TPM chip in your computer to encrypt your system drive.

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